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Life's A Tripp

Series for Snapchat

TRIPPIE REDD just turned 21 years old, and he’s coming of age in a world in turmoil. With a global pandemic still raging, misinformation spreading like wildfire, and climate change spreading actual wildfires,

Trippie and his fans need to learn what’s really going on in the world… and in this show, that’s exactly what
he’s going to do.

Over the course of eight episodes, Trippie will get a first-hand look at the most significant issues in the world today, with topics ranging from global warming and immigration to mental health and food deserts.He will be joined by other music artists and celebrity guests with their own unique stake in these issues. As Trippielearns about the world and experiences it for himself, he will inform and activate his young fans to get more involved in their communities and work to change the world.

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